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Why the Northern Territory

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  • Australia‚Äôs gateway to Asia
  • A considerable and pristine resource base
  • Climate change may have some medium to long term benefits for the NT
  • A highly skilled and flexible workforce
  • A diverse cultural mix
  • The room and capacity to grow
  • A highly regarded and supervised financial environment
  • Stable government(s)

Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities are available in the following sectors:

  • Agricultural
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Mineral
  • Property development
  • Service industries
  • Tourism

If you are looking for an investor for a business opportunity in the Northern Territory you can apply to add your investment details on the InvestNT website.

Investment guide

Australia’s Northern Territory is set to become the centre of opportunity for northern Australia. A number of key drivers will converge over the next decade to ensure that northern Australia plays an ever-increasing role in the unfolding Asian Century.

The Investment Guide to the Northern Territory is designed to provide an explanation and overview of different aspects of the Northern Territory that might affect the outcome for potential investors. Wherever possible, it provides details of where to obtain additional information on specific topics.

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